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Past Education

I did my schooling in Assam, first from Carmel School, Digboi till class 10, and then from Salt Brook Academy, Dibrugarh till class 12.

I then moved to Chennai for my higher education and enrolled at Chennai Mathematical Institute. I finished a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2017. I joined for a masters programme in computer science but left the institute after finishing my first year of masters in 2018.

During my time in CMI, I attended two out of four courses offered by Prof. Xavier Viennot at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. The courses were offered between 2016-2019, one course each year. The lectures have been recorded and uploaded on YouTube. The links can be found on his website. He has arranged it in the form of a video book, where each lecture has been divided into sections and each of their timestamped links from the YouTube video have been linked. The slides are also available.

I moved to Paris and joined Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée (now Université Gustave Eiffel). I obtained a Master 2 degree in Computer Science in Informatique Fondamentale track (2019). My M2 was funded by Labex Bezout. The track Informatique Fondamentale had courses in both mathematics and computer science.

I did my masters thesis in enumerative combinatorics under the supervision of Samuele Giraudo and Matthieu Josuat-Vergès. My thesis can be found here. The primary object of study were Stammering Tableaux which were introduced in this paper.